Now with extra CLAMs!

Welcome to The Dick Tree

-March 5th, 2015: Growth and such:

The Dick Tree is growing well! I would like to take this chance to remind everyone to consider getting dicksurance to insure that your current (or future) dick branch cannot be infected by other users!


-Feb 26th, 2015: Site launch PROMO:

The Dick Tree has begun to grow! Thank you to everyone who has been visiting the site and supporting the art!
To Celebrate the launch of I would like to offer a promo code to add 15% length onto your branch.


-Feb 24th, 2015: A new Dick Tree is born!

I decided to scrap my old site to work on a more lucrative project... This is the result!

Still very much a work in progress, I am hoping to move to a better host as soon as I can afford to.

The Dick Tree started out as a fun project of mine, and the legacy version was quite popular in the crypto world.
If you would like to learn more about the history of the tree of dicks and how it came to be please click HERE.


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